Rep. Cunningham’s Statement on the Declaration of a National State of Emergency

February 15, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. –Last Night, Rep. Joe Cunningham voted on a bipartisan government funding bill that prevented another government shutdown and included over $1 billion in border security funding. Following President Trump’s declaration of a national state of emergency this morning, Cunningham released the following statement:

“I join members of both parties in opposing President Trump’s decision to declare a state of national emergency to secure border funding. This move by the executive branch represents a gross overreach in presidential authority and circumvents the checks and balances given to Congress by the Constitution. The Framers intended for Congress to have the exclusive power of the purse and I am incredibly concerned by the dangerous precedent this sets.”

Diverting money from the Department of Defense and critical military construction projects could pose serious consequences for our troops and military infrastructure, potentially making our military and our country less safe. Almost $45 million in military construction initiatives in Beaufort and Parris Island could be at risk. We must continue to work to secure our borders and ports of entry, but the executive branch must go through the proper channels and work with Congress to address these serious concerns.”