Rep. Cunningham to Bring Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin to State of the Union

February 4, 2019
Press Release

Representative Joe Cunningham will be bringing Mayor Tim Goodwin of Folly Beach as his guest to the State of the Union on Tuesday. Goodwin, who is a Republican, endorsed Cunningham on the campaign due to his strong opposition to offshore drilling.

“I am thrilled that Mayor Tim Goodwin will be my guest for tomorrow’s State of the Union address,” said Congressman Joe Cunningham.  “I am committed to being an independent voice in Washington and working across the aisle to achieve real results for the Lowcountry. I am proud to have the support of Mayor Goodwin and coastal leaders throughout the Lowcountry who understand the importance of protecting our vibrant natural resources, economy, and way of life from the devasting effects of oil and gas exploration.”

“I’m honored to be joining Representative Joe Cunningham at the State of the Union on Tuesday,” said Mayor Tim Goodwin. “Congressman Cunningham has already proven that he is willing to work across the aisle to get things done for the Lowcountry and has been a strong opponent of offshore drilling. I am grateful for the work Congressman Cunningham has already done to protect the Lowcountry and I look forward to working with him closely to continue those efforts.”

Congressman Cunningham was appointed to the House Natural Resources Committee and the Subcommittees on Energy and Mineral Resources and Water, Oceans, and Wildlife. During his first full week of office, Cunningham introduced bipartisan legislation that will go through the Natural Resources Committee, the Coastal Economies Protection Act, which will place a ten-year moratorium on offshore drilling and oil and gas exploration off the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.