Appropriations Request

Rep. Joe Cunningham
FY 2020 Appropriations Request Form


  1. Only programmatic and language requests will be considered.  Earmark requests, as defined by clause 9(e) of Rule XXI of the Rules of the House, will not be considered.
  2. For the purpose of this clause, the term ‘‘congressional earmark’’ means a provision or report language included primarily at the request of a Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, or Senator providing, authorizing or recommending a specific amount of discretionary budget authority, credit authority, or other spending authority for a contract, loan, loan guarantee, grant, loan authority, or other expenditure with or to an entity, or targeted to a specific State, locality or Congressional district, other than through a statutory or administrative formula driven or competitive award process.
  3. Requests must be submitted via e-mail to the appropriate staff and by the deadlines listed in the table below.
  4. All questions on the form must be completed.
  5. One submission per form.
  6. Include a letter on your entity’s official letterhead asking for the request.
  7. If applicable, include a draft letter to the relevant Appropriations Subcommittee.
  8. Please note that all submitted forms are subject to public disclosure.


To Submit Your Request:

Open the editable PDF form by clicking the link below (works best in Google Chrome)
Fill in all required fields.

In order to save your edits, hit control + p,  and change the Destination from a printer to Save as PDF. 
(printing will also save your edits, but saving the document directly will not)

Please email your copy to the appropriate staff member (found on page 2 of the form).

Appropriations Request